Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Personal recommendation

My name is Adam Cunningham, and i am 27 years old.
Looking through google search results for Cataclean, ive noticed alot of negative comments concerning the product.
Cataclean does not say that it works on 100% of vehicles, but on the vehicles it does work on, it can lower C02 emmisions by 60% and MPG by 45%!
Surely in the rescession, people are looking to save as much money as possible?
The £16.99 you pay for a bottle of cataclean may very well end up paying for itself after 2 fill ups at a petrol station!
I give this product my 100% reccomendation if you're looking to get the most out of you car!


Attention TOYOTA Owners Suffering from High Emission Problems. Excessive Fuel Consumption. Loss of Power and Acceleration. Here's the solution 'THE TRADES BEST KEPT SECRET' CATACLEAN 500ML. CATACLEAN offers the following benifits: Lowers harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% - this is particularly useful at MOT time. Improves fuel consumption - reducing fuel bills by up to 20%. Vastly improves your engine efficiency - increases power and acceleration. CATACLEAN is the only product on the market today, which treats all four vital components that control the whole fuel system. That includes injectors, Valves, Lamda Sensors and Catalytic Converters. Suitable for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles. Also suitable for vehicles not fitted with a Catalytic Converter. Simply open and pour entire contents of the bottle to your fuel tank. CATACLEAN gets to work immediately: CATACLEAN cleans and rejuvenates the fuel system, removing all gums and varnish from the Injectors and freeing up sticking Valves. Optimising the combustion and ignition of the fuel mixture. CATACLEAN then gets to work on the exhaust system, cleaning the Lamda Sensors and Catalytic Converter. Removing harmful carbon deposit contamination. A contaminated Lamda Sensor sends out the wrong imformation to the ECU / Injectors affecting air to fuel mixture ratio, thus affecting your vehicles fuel consumption. A contaminated Catalytic Converter causes back pressure in the exhaust system resulting in loss of power, which inturn can damage the Catalytic Convertor. This can lead to a damaging effect to the engine. CATACLEAN is unique in what it can acheive from one bottle. READ MORE ABOUT THE UNIQUE BENEFITS OF CATACLEAN visit www.cataclean.com. We have been supplying the motor trade since 1974 and we have sold 100's of cataclean with many positive results. We believe Cataclean to be the ultimate fuel additive on the market today. And unique in what it can acheive. Made in USA SAVE ££££££100's ON EXPENSIVE GARAGE BILLS!!!!


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Cataclean Global Ltd
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Grupo Mecánico Liquido

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Technical stuff

CATACLEAN has been tested both under the strictest laboratory conditions and in the harshest of operating environments. In addition to our own rigorous testing in the UK, CATACLEAN has been tested by various different authorities overseas.

Jacob Almen, engine consultant for MTC AB, the Swedish Government-owned EN45001 emissions-testing laboratory, undertook tests on a Renault Twingo in accordance with strict government guidelines during May 2001.

The tests were carried out using a Clayton Chassis Dynamometer System (DC500). Measurements of regulated emissions were monitored using a Horiba 9000 system in accordance with both manufacturer's and US Federal specifications.

Regulated emissions were measured as follows:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) with a Nondispersive Infrared Analyser (NDIR)
Total unburned Hydrocarbons (HC) with a Flame Ionisation Detector (FID)
Oxides of Nitrogen with a Chemiluminescence Analyser (CLA)

The idling test system used was an Opus 40 Exhaust Gas Analyser, manufactured by Prodox AB that complies with ECE regulations.

The vehicle had been examined by MTC for mechanical faults prior to testing. No faults were found except for the poor conversion performance of the catalytic converter.

To quote from the report...
"The Renault Twingo was found to emit 70 - 90% less HC after CATACLEAN treatment on idling and 2500rpm respectively."

"The CO emissions were reduced from 0.05% at idling and 2.9% at 2500rpm to levels below the detection limit."

See the graph (MTC Carbon Monoxide test results)

See the graph (MTC Hydrocarbons test results)

During June 2001 a test took place in Dubai to monitor the performance of CATACLEAN under the effects of continuous heat and dust and very poorly refined fuel. The results were startling.

The test vehicle, a JEEP Cherokee, before treatment would not change up the gears, the engine was erratic and would not rev above 3500 RPM.
Within one hour of treatment the automatic gearbox was working perfectly and the engine was revving up to 6000 revs. The vehicle subsequently operated very smoothly and continues to work at optimal performance levels.

We have received several thousand letters from satisfied users of Cataclean. These are a few representative samples of what they said:

“…We have been using your emissions fluid in one of our vehicles since July. The vehicle we selected was a Scania P113M used on general container work up to 38 tonnes.
We have been monitoring fuel consumption and the results are most encouraging. This is the best this vehicle has ever achieved.
Fuel is our biggest cost and for every 0.25 extra miles per gallon we achieved we would save about £25,000 pa over the whole fleet.” AM, Haulage Contractor, Suffolk

“We have been supplying Cataclean to the local MOT and SVA stations and have had really good feedback. In some extreme cases it proved to be the only way of bringing emissions down to acceptable levels.
The best thing is that it can be used in petrol as well as diesel engines with almost immediate results.” CT, Automotive Dealer, Liverpool

“I am writing to tell you of my recent experience with Cataclean.
...I took my car to an MOT testing centre and had my emissions readings recorded. I then added Cataclean to my petrol tank as instructed on the bottle, drove the car for several miles to allow the Cataclean to work, then took the car back to the testing station to have my emissions readings re-taken.
The results were amazing. The initial hydrocarbon readings were 171-165 ppm. After treatment with Cataclean, the readings dropped to zero. Neither the mechanic nor myself were quite able to believe that such a massive reduction was possible so quickly but I have the printouts to prove it.
As a result of my personal experience, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Cataclean to anybody who wishes to save money on fuel costs and also do their bit for the environment by reducing their vehicle’s emissions.” RS, Kent

What can it do for me?

This is the most obvious question asked about CATACLEAN and the answer is very simple:

CATACLEAN can reduce your harmful exhaust emissions, rejuvenate your catalytic converter and prolong the life of your engine.

Over time, problems can occur in the engine and catalytic converter, causing an increase in fuel consumption, a drop in performance and an increase in harmful exhaust emissions such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons which, in turn, damage the environment. These problems tend to occur in older vehicles, in vehicles that are used for short journeys, in vehicles that are continually stopping and starting and where fuel quality is poor. They can cost a great deal of money to rectify if not dealt with.

What is it? 2

what is cataclean?

CATACLEAN is a compound of organic fluids which is safe to use, effectively cleaning and rejuvenating both diesel and petrol engines and all catalytic converters.

Previously, if an engine needed to be cleaned, it had to be de-coked, a time consuming manual job which involved the removal of the upper cylinder components to rectify damage. Liquid fuel additives were developed to replace this time-consuming and expensive exercise. Now however, with CATACLEAN there exists the means to not only restore engines to their original efficiency and protect against deterioration but to clean the complete exhaust emission system too.

When CATACLEAN is added to the fuel tank it mixes with the fuel and passes into the fuel system where it immediately starts to work, cleaning the injectors and the valves before passing into the combustion chambers where it rapidly and thoroughly dissolves resin, gum, carbon and similar deposits resulting in improved fuel combustion. It then continues, in vapour form, into the exhaust system where the unique patented formula cleans the lambda probe and the catalytic converter, removing carbon deposits from all interior surfaces.
This capability is what sets CATACLEAN apart from all other products on the market and it ensures the optimum conversion of exhaust gases within the catalytic converter, saving expensive replacement of parts and further contributing to a significant reduction in fuel costs.

Independent laboratory tests have proven that CATACLEAN will reduce exhaust emissions by up to 60%. Workshop tests on ordinary, everyday vehicles have returned even higher reductions.

CATACLEAN has been proven to be particularly effective in countries where fuel quality is not up to the highest standards and contains many impurities that contribute to an even greater problem of clogging and fouling. It also shows particularly spectacular results when used in older vehicles which, over time, have become extremely clogged and fouled resulting in reduced fuel economy, higher emissions and degraded performance.

CATACLEAN is suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles and engines and by a wide range of users.

What is it?

C A T A C L E A N . . .

. . .is a revolutionary formula that effectively cleans and rejuvenates both diesel and petrol engines of any size and all catalytic converters.

Tested extensively under laboratory conditions and in a wide cross-section of vehicles and engines over the last eight years, CATACLEAN has proved itself as the most effective way to: